Creative Ways to Play on a Playset

A backyard playset can be a great way for your child to spend time being active outside. How can you ensure that your kids can get the most out of their playsets? By getting creative with different games and activities! Help your child think outside of the box this summer, starting with some of the ideas below:

Ironman Challenge

Playing on a playset is the perfect way for your little ones to develop strength and endurance. Encouraging either some self-motivation or a little healthy competition, set up a little strength challenge for you kids to take part in. See who can swing the highest, hang from the trapeze bar the longest, or make it across the monkey bars the fastest.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

Now, this doesn’t have to mean a literal fresh coat of paint. Encourage your kids to get creative and artistic. Using chalk, have them decorate the area with some fun colors. Help them imagine what their playset would look like at a zoo, underwater, or in space. Use crepe streamers or cotton ribbons to help them imagine what a playset would look like as a princess castle or a carnival. The possibilities are endless!

Classic Obstacle Course

Perhaps the most exciting way to use an entire play set, an obstacle course allows kids to get adventurous and creative. Help them imagine that the ground is lava or that they are playing a play set in the clouds. How can they make it across without touching the ground? Incorporate other challenges. Link arms with a friend and make it across together. Swing from the monkey bars as slowly as you can or while one-handed!

Hide and Seek

This classic game is always a fun one. Stand with your child as they beginning swinging or as they are at the top of a slide. Ask them to close their eyes and count to five while they swing or begin sliding down. Encourage them to find you as quickly as possible while you hide. This quick and fun game can help encourage sensory processing and spatial awareness, and there are tons of variations on the game to try!

Simon Says

Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned game of Simon Says? Have them challenge themselves across the entire play set. For a variation, combine it with an “act and repeat” game like H-O-R-S-E for an extra challenge. Have one child act out a way of swinging across the monkey bars, and have the second child repeat. Make your way across a ladder bridge using the same steps. Can you make it up the jungle gym in the same steps as your sibling?

A playground is an excellent idea for kids of all ages. Kids as young as three can enjoy learning fine motor skills on the playground (with adult supervision of course!) while older kids can challenge themselves to get stronger and more creative. For more ways to enjoy a play set, check back to our blog often for fresh and exciting ideas for your little ones. Whatever your kids challenge themselves to do, make sure to encourage them all the way!

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