Making the Most Out of Your Trampoline

Though they are rather good for it, trampolines aren’t just for bouncing around. There are many different activities you can do on your trampoline. They aren’t just intended for small children, either. You’d be surprised by some of the games the older generations can enjoy on a trampoline. Read on for some new ideas that you and your family can try out on your trampoline.

  • Relax!

Trampolines are a fun way to exercise and have fun, but you can also have a relaxing afternoon reading a book, try your skills at building a tent, or camp out under the stars. Gather up some pillows and blankets and enjoy a bouncy yet relaxing floor.

  • Bouncy Basketball

Use your own, or get a special Springfree FlexRHoop suitable for all Springfree trampolines. Your kids can work on their dunking, blocking, and rebound skills while incorporating a fun, bouncy element into the game.

  • Draw On It!

Don’t have a sidewalk to draw on? Try creating some sidewalk chalk works of art on your trampoline! just like cement, your trampoline with wash off in the rain or with a hose.

  • Sprinklers and Water Balloons

If you own a trampoline and you have yet to put a sprinkler under it on a hot day, you simply are not using your trampoline to maximum potential. Try filling up a few water balloons and play a modified version of tag- one in which the loser gets soaked.

  • Rainy Day Fun

Rainy days are usually ones to spend indoors- not so! Water adds an extra slippery element to your trampoline, not to mention some extra laughs. Be sure that your children are supervised and there is a safety net around the outside of the trampoline- slippery can be fun, just make sure you take the proper precautions to prevent injuries.

These are just a few ideas that you can use on your trampoline. There are plenty more games you and your family can try out for added trampoline fun. If you don’t already have one, make sure the games you try out don’t require a safety net. If you are looking to get a safety net for your trampoline, Rainbow Play Systems can help you out!

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